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Puma Eyewear Sunglasses Polarized Lenses Pu14701a Review

The Puma Polarized Sport Sunglasses from Puma Eyewear are slick and stylish and come in either polarized gray or matte black. They are light weight and wide for a comfortable fit. The polarized lenses ensure that the glare from any reflective surface is reduced, making this pair of sunglasses ideal for fishing, skiing, watersports etc. In fact, any outdoor sport where the glare from reflective surfaces like water, ice or even the open road is a problem, would be greatly enhanced and made safer by these sunglasses.

Every outdoorsman knows how dangerous it is to have the glare from the sun in your eyes. Your vision is greatly impaired which can be a hazard during activities like water sports and skiing. To have the glare reduced or better yet eliminated, is a matter of safety and enables you to have all the fun in the sun your little heart may desire. Even driving is better with these sunglasses, especially in circumstances where glare can be reflected off the surface of the road.

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Since polarized sunglasses reduce glare and reflected light, this makes these sunglasses a great fit for people with light sensitivity. People who have had cataract surgery can also benefit from these sunglasses.

Unfortunately, the very lenses that make these sunglasses great also make it a nuisance in some instances. Since polarized lenses block light from reflective surfaces, they also block light from LED and LCD lighted devices.

Fishermen love these sunglasses because of the reduced glare off the surface of the water but in cases where split second, life or death decisions have to be made from naval equipment that have LED OR LCD displays, these lenses totally block out the images. Even cell phones with these displays are totally blocked out by these sunglasses.

It can be downright dangerous when skiing downhill since skiers rely on the glare off the surface of the snow to pinpoint where danger can be found.

When it comes to design and style, the Puma Eyewear Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses, with its slick, stylish, light weight frame is a must have, especially if you enjoy outdoor sports or pastimes but you must also be aware that sometimes a little glare is not exactly a bad thing.  if you’re going to be skiing downhill, manning navel equipment with LCD displays or LED lighting, or just using texting on your LED lighted cell phone, take off the sunglasses!

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