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Prada TRIANGLE PR53QS ZVN6E1 Women’s Sunglasses Review


Prada is an effervescent brand that has over time garnered large followership in the eyewear fashion industry. The line “everybody wears Prada” only testifies to the popularity and the extraordinary reach of the brand. Today, any fashionista worth their salt must patronize Prada. Their designs are usually very stylish, sophisticated and appealing. It doesn’t matter the age or class, wearing Prada on your face distinguishes you from the crowd. Prada actually sets the trend for others to follow. It is all in the silhouette.



This is one of the roving products from the indefatigable Prada brand. It is specifically feminine and effortlessly sleek. It has the standard aviators profile incorporating a full rim metallic frame stylishly engineered to turn heads. It has plastic lenses capable of sun glare reduction and total UV protection. And then, you have a case to carry it with. This product is elegant, professional and sporty made for upwardly mobile women, or just women with a smart sense of fashion.  The production materials are very strong and durable to ensure a long lasting experience. The sun glare reduction lens further ensures total safety from dangerous sun rays that can be inimical to the eyes.


Prominent features

  • Frame material: Metal
  • Lens material: Plastic
  • Polarization: Polarized
  • Frame type : Full rim
  • Package: Case included, you can chose between a cloth case or normal case
  • Protection :Total UV Protection
  • Bridge design: Standard
  • Style: Aviator
  • Design: Stylish Contemporary
  • Package contents: Case, cleaning cloth and Prada TRIANGLE PR53QS ZVN6E1 sunglasses.





Like all Prada products, this sunglasses is highly sought after due to the design and the durability. Most wearers and customers have good words for the product. You hear words like fun, great design, fabulous used to describe this product. And when you factor in the fact that the materials are well crafted and engineered you begin to understand public love for it. As of now this feminine sunglasses is well loved.


Any reported problems.

Apart from a few who cited their allergy to metal frames and rims, this product has not attracted any negative reviews.



Yeah, this is absolute elegance and style rolled into one. This sunglassess is ideal for professional women, sports women, business women to mention a few. The chic designs highlight your personality and promote your sense of style. It is also an excellent collector’s item and similarly very attractive as a gift item. Most women desiring innovative products will readily go for Prada. So step out with the Prada TRIANGLE PR53QS ZVN6E1 sunglasses for that all important event and watch your friends glance regularly in your direction with deep admiration!

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