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Polaroid X8400s Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses Review

Polaroid X8400s Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

About Polaroid Polaroid is an age old brand well known globally for their innovative designs. For decades, they have sat astride the global business community like a colossus steadily churning out innovative products and they have been quite successful doing just that. Over the years due to strategic partnerships, they are …

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Top 10 Best Sunglasses 2015

Many people have the notion that sunglasses are designed for summer months and if you are one of these people, then it is time to think again. These days one can never go wrong in making a fashion statement with sunglasses. They have become all-year-round fashion accessories for the fashion-savvy …

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Oakley Men’s Breadbox OO9199-01 Sports Sunglasses Review

Oakley – Sports Eye-wear Oakley – the brand that is known for achieving impossible of the possibilities in eye-wear industry was established in 1975 in California. It has since expanded into designing stylish apparel, footwear, accessories, sunglasses & prescription eye-wear. Oakley is known and respected for its high quality, unmatchable and …

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Michael Kors M2777S Grayson Women’s Sunglasses Review

Michael Kors – Delivering Timeless Sophistication The designers of fashion eye-wear collection at the famous Michael Kors brand have been giving a lot of importance to detailing along with style. At Michael Kors, you’ll find an sophisticated range of fashion eye-wear featuring sophistication which seems as timeless as forever – sleek & trendy styles which …

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Carrera CA82S Aviator Sunglasses Review

Carrera – The Branded Elegance In 1956, the brand Carrera was created and the magnificent story of growth and success started taking form and place. Within no time, Carrera Sunglasses became synonymous with high quality, skilled craftsmanship, cutting edge designs and a no compromise conviction to standards. The brand that …

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Dolce & Gabbana DG2140 Sunglasses Review

Dolce & Gabbana DG2140 Sunglasses

Dolce & Gabbana Founded in 1985 in Italy by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the brand Dolce & Gabbana promotes timeless luxury blended with classical originality and unique innovations. D&G Sunglasses, following the brand’s profile intro are known for their sophistication and sensuality that is original and innovative. With their …

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Ray-Ban Men’s RB4184 Square Sunglasses Review

Why Ray-Ban? Sunglasses, originally designed to protect the eyes from damaging effects of bright sunlight, have now become a vital fashion accessory, defining your style and your persona. Although a plethora of brands have created ripples on the eye-wear horizon, one name that has maintained its identity as the greatest icon of …

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Xezo Air Commando Titanium Polarized Sunglasses Review

Xezo – an Impressive Addition Xezo, founded in 2001, has made a remarkable impact on the fashion scene providing luxury products meeting the wavelengths of high quality, hand crafted items in limited editions – only 500 pieces for a model. These designer sunglasses are not only trendy and exquisitely impressive …

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SMITH Optics Gibson Sunglasses Black Oak/Blackout Review

SMITH Optics – the Legend of Optic Solutions SMITH Optics, founded in 1965 by the orthodontist Dr. Bob Smith and known for creating the first ever goggle lens, has taken the eye-wear industry by storm. Innovation and durability – amalgamated with mesmerizing unique styles have become the quality promo of every …

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Juicy Couture Sunglasses 555 F/S 0086 Havana Floral 55mm Review

Juicy Couture – A Juicier Option Started in 1997 in Los Angeles by two friends, Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash–Taylor, Juicy Couture has attained fame for blending the latest trends and fun into a brand for women that is both bold and whimsical. The Juicy Couture collection of sunglasses presents the …

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