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Costa Del Mar Isabela Sunglasses Review

The Costa Del Mar Isabela Sunglasses are the epitome of style, functionality and durability. These hand built sunglasses are backed by Costa Del Mar’s lifetime warranty. The frames have stainless steel spring hinges for added durability and are made from cold injected nylon and hydrolyte, which grip the skin tighter as you sweat throughout the day, so you never have to worry about your sunglasses falling off.

The Costa Del Mar Isabella Sunglasses come with a choice of either 580P lenses (which feature light wave glass) or 580G lenses (which are made from polycarbonate and trivex).  The 580G lenses feature encapsulated mirrors between layers of light wave glass, coated on the front and back with C wall molecular bond which is scratch proof. 580G lenses provide the wearer with 100% UV protection and 100% polarization. The 580G lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the average polarized glass and provide superior clarity and scratch resistance.

The 580P lenses are made of polycarbonate and Trivex which are the lightest and most durable lens material options. They are made with a layer of polarized film between two polycarbonate lenses which are covered on the front and back with C wall molecular bond. The customer has the option of having a mirrored layer added to these lenses over the polycarbonate layer. The 580P lenses also feature an antireflective coating on the backside, plus an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating on the front. This coating allows the lenses to shed water and oil.

Costa Del Mar Isabella Sunglasses are lightweight and extremely durable. These sunglasses have been known to last for many years. Their patented Costa Del Mar tech blocks out blue and yellow light for better clarity during outdoor activities like fishing.

The lenses come in a range of 6 lens colours that protect you from a range of light conditions from low light like dawn to extremely bright light with blinding glare. The blue mirror lenses are for use on open reflective water, the green mirror lenses provide high contrast. The copper silver mirror lenses have natural contrast. The grey lenses are for everyday activities. The copper lenses are for variable light while driving and the sunrise silver mirror lenses are for activities during low light.

The Costa Del Mar Isabella Sunglasses are durable and provide the wearer with protection against wind and glare from sun during outdoor activities.

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