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Burberry Light Horn Brown BE4188 Sunglasses Review

The Burberry BE4188 Sunglasses are from Burberry’s Trench Collection and are made using acetate, featuring lenses 54mm wide and 41mm high. The bridge of the sunglasses measures 19mm and the arms measure 140mm.

These fashionable sunglasses come in a variety of different colors including Dark Havana, Black, Light Horn and Transparent Grey. The Dark Havana is dark brown with light brown spots and Transparent arms, the Black has a Black Face and transparent arms, the Transparent Grey is true to its name boasting a transparent grey face and dark grey spotted arms while the Light Horn is a Beige and brown all over Tortoise shell design.

Burberry’s BE4188 sunglasses usually come with plastic, non-polarized lenses treated with a 100% UVA protection coating and gradient or mirror tint, but they can easily be fitted with prescription lenses according to the needs of the wearer.

Gradient tint is a lens treatment which starts out dark at the top of the lens, but gradually gets lighter towards the bottom of the lens. Mirror tint is usually paired with polarized lenses because of its anti-reflective properties which enhance visual comfort.

The BE4188 Sunglasses from Burberry have a very sophisticated look and are versatile enough to be worn with just about any outfit you can think of, from casual wear to swim wear and even office wear.

British fashion icon Burberry have been around for a century and a half, having been founded in Basingstoke, England in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, who was only 21 years old at the time. The company focused mainly on outerwear, with Thomas Burberry inventing Gabardine, a breathable yet weatherproofed material used to make raincoats. Burberry remained on this innovative path and has been granted royal warrants three times, once by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, once by HRH Prince Charles, and once By HRM King George for its role in outfitting some of the most daring explorers in history including bringing the world “the Trench Coat” which was first worn by British forces during World War II.

Today the Burberry name is synonymous with high fashion and the company has moved from mainly outerwear, tents and umbrellas to accessories, perfume and sunglasses. The company still manufactures its signature “Trench Coats” with the famous Burberry check inner lining cause hey! If it hasn’t broken in 161 years, why fix it?
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