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Top 10 Best Versace Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Versace sunglasses make a collection of distinctively designed eyewear. Versace sunglasses express confidence, strength and uniqueness by having a distinctive and bold personal style. From this house of strong character that is known for its wide offering of stylish performance and inspiration, we bring you the best Versace sunglasses. Let’s check them out.

10. Versace Women’s Greca Shield Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace Women's Greca Shield Sunglasses

These Versace sunglasses for women have soft mirrored lenses and a subtly etched trim. They are modified aviator sunglasses. The arms are made of acetate and have a decorative Versace logo lettered on the temples. Upon purchase, Versace includes a hard-shell protective case and a cleaning cloth to keep your sunglasses clean all the time.

The Greca Shield sunglasses are available in two color options. The black frames have a gray non-polarized lens with gold detailing. Their lens is split into two sections using a narrow bar. The silver-frame option has a silver-colored lens.

The Greca Shield sunglasses are in a mystery black color with gold lettering. The single lens is 57 millimeters in height. These sunglasses work well in covering your full field of vision and blocking out the sunlight. Compliments are sure to flow your wear when you are wearing these excellent sunglasses.

The Versace Women’s Greca shield sunglasses are a great pair of sunglasses for wider faces. They have slightly adjustable nose-pieces. The arms on these sunglasses are long and comfortably reach behind your ears for a tight grip. There is little chance of Greca sunglasses falling off your face.

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9. Versace Men’s VE2021 Sunglasses

Best Versace Watches - Versace Men’s VE2021 Sunglasses

These imported metal frame Versace sunglasses for men are real rockers. They have a fusion of wrap around design with rectangular lenses. They easily match with casual, sporty and official attires. Whatever your style or fashion taste, the Versace VE2021 Men’s sunglasses are a smooth addition and statement of preference.

The Versace VE2021 Men’s Sunglasses have black arms with the Versace logo embedded on the temples. The hinges and the rims are gold in color. The rims around the lenses are linked by a single bridge bar to add to the simplicity exuded by the VE2021 sunglasses. The lenses are gradient tinted brown.

The lenses on these Versace sunglasses for men measure 60 millimeters in width. They are rectangular shaped. The bridge is 15 millimeters to sit well with most face sizes and give your nose ample room. Adjustable nose pads distribute the little weight of these sunglasses well over your nose-bridge. The arms are 130 millimeters long.

Versace is never to be outdone when the question is about elegance and functionality. The hinges are of an open design set on a shiny gunmetal frame. The lenses are 100% UV protective too and prescription ready.

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8. Versace VE2161 Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace VE2161 Sunglasses

The Versace VE2161 sunglasses are a glamorous evolution of the January Jones collection that has an irresistible Versace look. The sunglasses are available in three lens color options and two frames color options. They are made of metal frames and plastic lenses.

The Versace VE2161 sunglasses have lenses of 42 millimeters in width. The arms are 140 millimeters long. The plastic lenses are non-polarized. These Versace sunglasses have a fashionable aviator design with a stylish bridge.

The nose pads on these sunglasses are adjustable to suit your positioning needs on your nose bridge. Their uniqueness is accentuated by their simple hinges and a Versace logo on the outer corners of the lenses. The arms are flexible for an extra tight grip. Even when you are active, these sunglasses are sure to stay on your face with no chance of falling off.

The earpieces are colored differently from the arms as they stay hidden behind your ears. The Gold frames with grey lenses are tinted to reduce glare. These sunglasses give you complete cover for your eyes while remaining crystal clear. These solid Versace sunglasses allow you to take in all details around you while giving you a modern man’s look of assuredness.

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7. Versace Women’s Medusa Aviator Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace Women's Medusa Aviator Sunglasses

Medusa sunglasses are about style and standing out. They speak sophistication and confidence. Versace has wrapped the bridge of these sunglasses for women with leather. Intricate etchings give detail to the extra-wide arms. These are sunglasses that add some drama to their classic aviator style.

Versace Medusa sunglasses are not polarized. They have 100% UV protection for your eyes when outdoors. They are very easily adjustable by your optician. If you subject these Versace sunglasses to some rough handling in your daily activities, the frames are built to be quickly readjusted back to shape.

These sunglasses feature a metal frame for durability and lightness in weight. The lenses are made of plastic and measure 62 millimeters in width. This allows them to cover your eyes well. No light is getting to your eyes through the sides when you are wearing Versace’s Medusa sunglasses. The bridge is a comfortable 14 millimeters wide and the arms are 130 millimeters long.

Medusa sunglasses come in white color that makes them very unique and lovable. The lenses are tinted light grey. They feature simple hinges that add to their durability.

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6. Versace Women’s VE4295 57 Acetate Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace Women’s VE4295 57 Acetate Sunglasses

The Versace VE4295 57 Sunglasses are a gorgeous cat-eye that exudes uniqueness and innovation in character. They bring together unexpected materials for a very bold look. The sunglasses are elegantly designed and very suitable for those who want to express confidence through a distinct personal style.

The rims of these sunglasses are wide all round and connect via a simple bridge that has done away with nose pads. They rest on your nose via widened lower rims. Their hinges are unique and merge well with the arms. Right behind the hinges are Versace logos in the gold color that is on the rest of the arms. The earpieces are colored black and stand out well against the 140 millimeter arms.

The Versace VE4295 57 lenses are polarized. They are 57 millimeters wide and 46.4 millimeters high. The bridge is 16 millimeters wide. Acetate has been used in making the frames of these Versace sunglasses for women. It is a durable material that works well with the plastic lenses on these gorgeous sunglasses.

Try out these protective sunglasses that cut out glare from the environment. Your squinting days are behind you once you treat yourself to a pair of these lovely sunglasses.

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5. Versace VE2054 Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace VE2054 Sunglasses

The Versace VE2054 Sunglasses are unisex. They work well on both men and women. They stand out with their single shield style lens. These sunglasses feature a metal frame and rimless frame edges. The Versace VE2054 Sunglasses are available in two stylish colors of white and black. The black option has the arms colored red on the inside.

These sunglasses protect your eyes in an excellent way. They wrap around your eyes to give you coverage even in peripheral vision. Their options in color give you a unique opportunity to pick a color combination in frames and lenses to fully complement your wardrobe. You will feel great and look great when you are sporting these Versace sunglasses.

The single lens on Versace VE2054 sunglasses is 102 millimeters wide. At their highest, they stand at a tall 50.8 millimeters. These are sporty shield sunglasses that you will be confident to wear anywhere and with any outfit. They are lightweight and stylish.

The hinges and long arms of these Versace sunglasses are made to give you a tight grip. This is especially useful for the active wearer who wants a comfortable pair of sunglasses that will not fall off their faces.

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4. Versace Men’s VE4307 Acetate Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - 4. Versace Men’s VE4307 Acetate Sunglasses

Available in three frame and lens colors, the Versace VE4307 Men’s Sunglasses make a striking statement with their bronzy temples. The Versace Medusa is placed right on these bronzy temples. Their square shape makes them suitable for men who want a pair of sunglasses to go with their daily wear.

The Versace VE4307 sunglasses are an elegant product that covers your eyes well from the sun. They are different from other sunglasses out there, so you will attract a second look and a compliment is sure to follow. The frame details are excellent on these sunglasses with acetate frames. Their durability is not in question.

The lenses on these sunglasses are 58 millimeters wide. The plastic lenses on these Versace sunglasses for men are polarized and cut out glare very well. The bridge is a wide 17 millimeters. The arms reach behind your ears for a sure grip with their 145 millimeters length.

These Versace sunglasses do away with nose pads. The rims near your nose are instead widened out to spread their light weight well over your nose. Comfort and snugness are assured with these Versace sunglasses for men.

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3. Versace Women’s Shield Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace Women's Greca Shield Sunglasses

These sleek Versace sunglasses for women feature a wrap around frame in a shield design. Their medusa emblems are placed on the outer edges of the rims where they connect with the arms. The emblems do well to accentuate the corners.

A keyhole bridge adds to their functionality and comfort. The temples are etched. Versace has used a simple hinge design to eliminate weaknesses that accompany complex hinge systems. These sunglasses give you a great experience. They are lightweight  due to their slim plastic frames and metal arms. The earpieces give you an assured excellent grip from these sunglasses.

The single lens on these Versace women’s shield sunglasses is 60 millimeters wide and 60 millimeters high. The arms are a comfortable 125 millimeters that does the job of keeping the glasses on your face very well. This rather short arm length additionally makes sure that the lens is always in perfect alignment with your eyes.

Shield sunglasses are for active people. When you are out and being energetic, these fantastic sunglasses are your best friend due to their tint and snug fit. They are available in a mystery black color.

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2. Versace Men’s VE2163 Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace Men's VE2163 Sunglasses

The Versace Men’s VE2163 sunglasses are available in two options. One is the subtle gold tinted lenses. The second is grey tinted lenses. Both options have their lenses on gold colored rims with black arms. The Versace logo is emblazoned on the temples and surrounded by the brands famous Greek theme.

The Versace VE2163 sunglasses feature plastic lenses with 100% UV protection. The lenses are 63 millimeters wide and not polarized. A double bridge measuring 15 millimeters connects the rims of these sunglasses.

The clear and adjustable nose pads are connected to the rims to complete the modern style and perfect functionality of these Versace sunglasses for men. These sunglasses go well with most face shapes. Oval and square face shapes are especially suited by the rectangular lenses.

Upon getting yourself a pair of these sunglasses, Versace includes a protective case to ensure your sunglasses are safe when you are not wearing them.

The tint on the lenses of these sunglasses ensures excellent privacy for your eyes. A bonus of owning a pair of the Versace VE2163 sunglasses is that you can take out the lenses and have your optometrist put in prescription lenses easily.

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1. Versace VE2147B Black Cats Eyes Sunglasses

Best Versace Sunglasses - Versace VE2147B Black Cats Eyes Sunglasses

The Versace’s VE2147B sunglasses update the classic cat-eye design using modern metal. They have an alluring yet flattering contemporary feel to them. Their acetate temples have Versace’s signature Greek theme on them, displayed in Swarovski pave crystals. These sunglasses are an exquisite display of modern glamour at its finest.

The Versace VE2147B sunglasses have a black frame holding their square lenses in perfect position in front of your eyes. They have tinted lenses that are polarized to category 2. The nose pads on these sunglasses are adjustable and give the sunglasses an official look. You will be comfortable and perfectly in code wearing these sunglasses with any outfit you choose.

Versace avoids hinge problems on the VE2147B sunglasses by going for simple hinges. They make use of a screw that can be easily tightened if it ever gets loose. Their cats-eyes lenses are gradient tinted. They add a little more touch of personal style to the sunglasses.

Both men and women are well suited by these sunglasses. These handcrafted sunglasses are simply stunning. Made in Italy, you will love them the minute you lay your hands on a pair.

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A Final Word

Versace sunglasses suit a multitude of styles and provide any look with a finishing touch. The best Versace sunglasses are made by top-notch optical craftsmen. They are available in elegant unisex designs. These Versace sunglasses models represent the range of styles to be found. Enjoy your view of the world through the eyes of Versace.

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