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Top 10 Best Persol Sunglasses for Men 2018

Persol Sunglasses have been iconically crafted for over a century to highlight timeless glamour. They are great sunglasses models, driven by their unique design. Persol sunglasses provide comfort and their quality is exceptional. In this article we’ll discuss the best Persol sunglasses for men from this lovable brand. Let’s check them out.

10. Persol Steve McQueen 714SM 96/S3 Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol Steve McQueen 714SM 96/S3 Sunglasses

These light Havana limited edition of Persol Steve McQueen Polarized 714SM 96/S3 Folding Sunglasses have a lens width of 52 millimeters. The lenses are polarized blue in color and give you an excellent view. They are made of glass crystal of high quality with a bridge of 21 millimeters. The frames are made of acetate compound.

These sunglasses are of great quality, fit nicely and their folding system is exclusive with the hinges folding inward. These modern sunglasses are good looking and their quality assures you to even buy more pairs of the same model or the Persol brand. They are ideal for the outdoor person for both leisure or work purposes.

These Persol sunglasses were named after Steve Mcqueen who was the ‘King of Cool’. He donned them on and off big screens in movies like the ‘Thomas Crown Affair’, making them the most iconic sunglasses ever made.

These folding sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy. They have been around for more than 50 years and have a lot of tradition and culture. Included on purchase is a hard protective case, a cleaning cloth and a Persol user information booklet.

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9. Persol Men PO7649S 56 Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol Men PO7649S 56 Sunglasses

Persol Men PO7649S 56 Sunglasses have polarized lenses. They are available in a range of colors. Polarization on these sunglasses enhances your view, especially when underwater. They are ideal sunglasses for playing sports and when you are driving. The lenses on these Persol sunglasses for men are fitted with a mirror coating. They minimize the amount of light reaching your eyes and protect them from glare.

The Persol PO7649S 56 Sunglasses are comfortable for the eyes. They have soft nose pads with a plastic tip. The tips are adjustable. These sunglasses are durable and come in a stylish shape that combines acetate and full metal rims. The bold inspired aviator style makes them a cool modern eyewear for men. Their class and fashion is radiated by their quality and performance.

The styling is contemporary. These sunglasses sport a finish which brings out the Persol signature with a tint highlighted at the front.

These stylish sunglasses’ lenses incorporate gradient-tinting that makes them darker at the top and lighter as the lenses bottom out. Gradient tinting allows light only in certain areas where it is appropriate while filtering out more light where necessary for more eye protection.

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8. Persol PO7092V Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol PO7092V Sunglasses

The Persol PO7092V Sunglasses offer you an oval classic taste which is suitable to don on all occasions. The wearability of the full metal semi rimless frames is to die for. The nose pads and the temple plastic tips ensure a perfect fit for these modern glasses. The nose pads are clear and made of silicone. They are super comfortable and offer you great wearing experience.

The Persol PO7092V Sunglasses are available in a variety of meticulous finishes; they promote every look with eye-catching lines bringing a timeless feel. The frames are metallic with a 50 millimeters plastic lens.

You can achieve the James bond look by getting these sunglasses which are a favorite to celebrities and fashion savvy class. The frame has thin lines to give it a marvelous appeal that is creative and classy. The arms are made of super thin metal to make the Persol PO7092V Sunglasses lightweight long lasting.

The Persol PO7092V sunglasses are available in various matte colors and a refined color. These sunglasses are a great purchase since they are the notable brand for that notable look. They best fit heart, oval and oblong face shapes.

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7. Persol PO2747 Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol PO2747 Sunglasses

The Persol PO2747 Men’s sunglasses provide you with a rare mixture of sophisticated and sporty look for your sharp style and a vigorous lifestyle. They have 100% harmful UV protection for the wearer’s eyes and are available in different colors. The Persol signature is labeled on the inside part of the earpiece and the iconic Persol silver arrow and twin band are highlighted on both arms.

The Persol Men’s PO2747 sunglasses’ frames are made of stainless steel. They are built to provide protection for your eyes for years. They feature normal hinges which makes them repairable in case you mess up with your sunglasses. Their classic look inspires confidence and their quality makes them stand out from the rest.

These sunglasses are polished to achieve excellence. Their view is remarkable and can be used for both day and night. The lenses are rectangular in shape. They are suitable for round and oval face shapes. These sunglasses are so cool that you will have people enquiring about them.

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6. Persol PO3165 Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol PO3165 Sunglasses

The Persol Men’s PO3165 Sunglasses offer a classy look for that stylish edge. They merge a refined luxury with modern sensibility. The sunglasses have glass polarized lenses giving you super crisp and clear view. Polarization is available on certain colors with gradient tinted lenses. The lenses are made of glass.

The full rim frames of these Persol sunglasses for men offer marvelous finish and performance. They are hand crafted in tough acetate with metal temples. To give them fashion flair, these sunglasses display an ally of sophisticated lines with an architectural detail. This superb detail and the light nature of the sunglasses makes it a must have for the fashion conscious.

Persol Men’s Sunglasses are inspired by the current calligraphy world. The PO3165 side arms measure 145 millimeters and the bridge measures 22 millimeters. The arms are inflated through lines engraved to evoke ruling pens and nibs.

The Persol PO3165 Men’s Sunglasses feature nose pads which are capped with silicone and the temple socks are made of plastic. This ensures that your experience while wearing them is awesome. The packaging is authentic and comes with a cleaning cloth with a Persol case included.


5. Persol PO3105S Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol PO3105S Sunglasses

The Persol PO3105S Sunglasses are produced with trustworthy and resilient elements making them serve you for a number of years. The sunglasses are 100% UV protected to keep your eyes strong and happy. The lenses are classically maintained in place by a metal frame which is thin to reduce on weight. They have a unique squared off round look.

The composite frames are made of acetate and Monel compounds. This makes them very strong and durable. These Persol sunglasses are full rims. They are flexible and hypoallergenic. They are designed with few or no substances that can irritate the skin for an allergic response. The flexibility of these sunglasses increases their durability since they do not break easily.

These classic style Persol sunglasses for men have arms measuring 145 millimeters long. The lens width is 51 millimeters with a bridge of 20 millimeters. The color combination and detailing is to die for making it a splendid product

The Persol PO3105S Sunglasses fit flat face shapes with a large brow line cap that is identical to your brow line. They feature a single bridge with oval lenses fitting the clubmaster style. They can be customized for prescription lenses.

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4. Persol PO2803S Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol PO2803S Sunglasses

The Persol PO2803S sunglasses are classy with a masculine classic shape. These sunglasses for men are well known for their innovative design. They are suitable for large heads. The 5 barrel standard hinge of the arms is strong and can be repaired easily. The arms on these sunglasses measure 140 millimeters.

These Persol men sunglasses are 100% UV protected. They have polarization which works to enhance bright colors in bright environments. The Persol magnificent signature is ingrained on the end piece of the arm. It also features the supreme arrow design made of metal.

The frame of the Persol PO2803S sunglasses is made of lightweight durable plastic. The lenses available in a variety of colors and they are made of scratch resistant glass.

The bridge of the Persol PO2803S sunglasses measures 16 millimeters with a lens width of 58 millimeters. The rectangular lenses are marvelous for square, oval, heart and round faces. They have a perfect fit to eliminate pressure on the head from the temples using a patented Meflecto system. These Persol men sunglasses are top in the list of the most lightweight styles with glass lenses.

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3. Persol 0PO3019S Square Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol 0PO3019S Square Sunglasses

The Persol Men’s 0PO3019S Square Sunglasses are an elegant, slim pair of sunglasses handcrafted in Italy in the renowned Persol style. The plastic full rim arms on these sunglasses are made from lightweight shiny acetate which makes them stylish and durable.

These Persol men sunglasses fit most face shapes due to the oval shaped lens. The lens width measures 55 millimeters. The lenses are 100% UV protected. These lenses have a gradient tint to protect from sun glare. The bridge measuring 18 millimeters features an exceptional keyhole style.

The combinations of colours on the arms and the fun lenses on these Persol sunglasses for men personalize your look for a stylish eyewear.

The temples have a slim double band made of metal. The arms also feature nylon pieces fitted to minimize pressure on your head to achieve the most comfort fit. The iconic silver arrow supreme Persol label is displayed on the arms.

These Persol sunglasses for men can be customized to fit your prescription needs. The package comes in a Persol branded protective carrying case with a cleaning cloth included.

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2. Persol Po 3110-s Havana Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol Po 3110-s Havana Sunglasses

The Persol Po 3110-s Havana sunglasses are fantastic eyewear. They are inspired by the golden writing era’s revolutionary typewriter that changed the print industry. The composite arms are 145 millimeters and made of plastic.

The lenses on these excellent Persol sunglasses for men have a width of 49 millimeters. They are made of glass. The lenses have a layer that affords your eyes 100% protection from harmful UV rays. The lens is made of mineral glass to give you the fantastic view you desire and block out sun glare. The metal bridge measures 22 millimeters.

The Persol 24/33 Havana Po 3110-s Sunglasses arm tip interiors feature lines echoed and curved onto the acetate temples. At the arms edges there is a line of Meflecto flexible engineering which is next to the iconic Persol arrow. This ensures the sunglasses achieve a comfortable fit.

The classic American typewriter font is ingrained over the interior of these sunglasses. One cannot go wrong with these sunglasses which are overly recommended. These Persol sunglasses for men are well worth your purchase as they provide great value and style for money.

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1. Persol PO9649S Sunglasses

Best Persol Sunglasses for Men - Persol PO9649S Sunglasses

The Persol PO9649S prescription sunglasses are made with great quality and craftsmanship, and rightly deserves its spot on our list of the best Persol sunglasses for men.

The Persol PO9649S Sunglasses feature the finest quality frames and lenses. The arms measure 135 millimeters with the iconic signature arrow emblem ingrained on the temple. The arms are made of acetate compound making them lightweight, comfortable to wear and durable. The frames on these Persol sunglasses for men also feature aviator shape style and a keyhole bridge.

These Persol sunglasses are available in a good range of lens colors, finishes and frames. The bridge measures 20 millimeters with engraved lines. The nose pads are attached to the lenses. The lenses measure 52 millimeters in width. They have polarization and are designed with inspiration from the aviator Granato antique style.

The Persol PO9649S sunglasses are very stylish. They give you that modified aviator look and catches everyone’s attention when you wear them. These sunglasses are best suited for square, oval and heart faces.

These elegant sunglasses are shipped with a protective carry case and a Persol branded cleaning cloth. Try them out for yourself or as a gift for your favorite man.

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A Final Word

Persol sunglasses were originally designed for tram drivers in Turin to protect their eyes from dust, sun and air. They owe their wide lenses to this tradition. Technological innovation has grown Persol to be a brand that the world pays attention to. The best Persol sunglasses for men have been tested to their extreme and are a worthwhile purchase.

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