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Top 10 Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women 2018

Having been in the sunglasses industry for well over 30 years, Maui Jim has proven to be a brand to reckon with. The brand has withstood the test of time and won numerous awards for unique its quality and style. In this article we’ll discuss the best Maui Jim sunglasses for women. Let’s check them out.

10. Maui Jim Maile HS294 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Maile HS294 Sunglasses

Style and grace are some of the attributes of the Maui Jim Maile HS294 sunglasses. They have a beautiful butterfly style acetate based frame. The full rimmed frame comes with a fixed saddle 14mm bridge and an arm of 135 mm. This ensures utmost comfort for ladies of elegance and class regardless of their facial features.

The lenses are 60mm in width with a height of 51mm offering great eye coverage. The polycarbonate lenses are polarized, anti-scratch and have been given shatter-proof treatment. Polarization on these sunglasses helps the glasses reduce the suns’ ultra violet rays. The wearer has crisp and sharp vision of colors and amazing perception of depth.

The materials used in making Maui Jim Maile HS294 sunglasses are extremely durable and very light. The foldable arms are held firmly in place by a non-corrosive spring hinge. They are very ideal for outdoor activities and make you turn heads.

These sunglasses come in an array of four colors to suit different tastes. These colors include black with crystal, dark tortoise, Tokyo tortoise and tortoise with ivory. The beauty of these sunglasses is brought about by the glossy finish applied to them.

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9. Maui Jim Koki Beach 433 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Koki Beach 433 Sunglasses

The Maui Jim Koki Beach 433 Sunglasses were designed with the fashion conscious bold ladies in mind. These sunglasses have a round, full rimmed nylon based frame. Due to the light weight nature of the frames, they sunglasses are ideal for wearing over long hours.

The Maui Jim Koki Beach 433 Sunglasses have a 16mm saddle-style bridge with adjustable silicon pads. This feature prevents sweat build up round the nose and ensures they firmly stay in place. The pads are also quite handy as they don’t pull on one’s hair when placed over your head. They have an arm length of 130mm along with a vintage pin hinge system.

The lenses used in these excellent Maui Jim sunglasses for women are 56mm in width and 41mm in height. Polarization is available for specific lenses to help in glare reduction and protection from ultra violet rays.

Maui Jim Koki Beach 433 Sunglasses have a variety of colors for clients to choose from. The colors include black and grey tortoise, olive tortoise and purple tortoise. Some lenses even come with a pattern on them but this does not affect the view. These glasses are very ideal for ladies with medium sized faces.

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8. Maui Jim Punch Bowl 219 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Punch Bowl 219 Sunglasses

If you are skeptical about accessories like sunglasses, the Maui Jim Punch Bowl 219 Sunglasses are bound to change your mind. They provide a comfy snug fit and are quite a nifty accessory for the modern day go-getters.

The frames are made from high end nylon and are rectangular in shape with a 135mm arm. The finishing is done with bamboo and teak wood making these sunglasses appear new despite being subjected to harsh conditions. The lenses are 54mm wide and 36mm high with a 17mm bridge in between.

The bridge is in a saddle style design and has non slip pads embedded on the inside.  Normal glass has been replaced with ultra-thin glass to make them scratch and crack resistant. The Maui Jim punch bowl 219 sunglasses are fitted with a modern style spring hinge that’s anti-corrosive.

The lenses are so clear and crisp that the world seems more colorful. There are a variety of colors to choose from including black with blue, tortoise with pink, and a smooth chocolate fade. You will find yourself going for all the three colors.

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7. Maui Jim Cloud Break GS700 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Cloud Break GS700 Sunglasses

These striking sunglasses are crafted into a refined rectangular shape using very light nylon material. They have amazing optics hence great for all out-door activity. They strike a perfect balance for the versatile woman who is fashion conscious but does not want to look too trendy.

The Maui Jim cloud break 700 sunglasses have a lens width of 56mm by 40.5mm height and are separated by a 17mm fixed bridge. They are made of three elements to ensure that colors are filtered to enhance visual acuity and sharpness that is unparalleled.

The inner part of the saddle style fixed bridge is laced with rubber nose pads ensuring stability as well as comfort. Arm length to the temple is 130mm all neatly finished with top quality gloss. Whether in gloss black, peacock blue, burgundy fade or tortoise these glasses are a great value for money.

Patented, polarized super-thin glass is the component used to make the lenses. This attributes help in reduction of ultra violet rays by up to 100% without compromising on weight. The Maui Jim cloud break 700 come in a hardened case with a soft lens cleaner with the iconic brand skillfully embossed on them.

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6. Maui Jim Nalani Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Nalani Sunglasses

Not only are these pair of glasses ultra-chic but they are very cozy to wear. The rectangular shaped Maui Jim Nalani Sunglasses are ideal for any facial structure.  With a full frame made of acetate, ladies even forget they have them on due to their light weight. They are virtually indestructible and ideal for varying outdoor activities.

The ground breaking polarized P2lenses are 61mm in height and 45mm in width. This offers great depth perception and also ensures that not only your eyes are protected but also the skin around them.  An oil and water resistant coat is then applied to them to further enhance durability.

The fixed saddle style bridge on these Maui Jim sunglasses for women is coated with rubber making sure there is no indent on the nose. The arm length is 126 mm and finished with a layer of gloss and attached with a spring hinge made of anti-corrosive material.

You can choose from glossy black, tortoise with a shade of white or blue, Tokyo tortoise or dark tortoise. You have the option of getting them in either a trendy sports casing or in a classic clam pouch with a soft cleaning cloth inside.

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5. Maui Jim Baby Beach 245 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Baby Beach 245 Sunglasses

For the petite faced woman looking for perfect fitting glasses that won’t overwhelm your face, look no further than the Maui Jim Baby Beach 245 Sunglasses. Tastefully and skillfully molded of hypoallergenic and non corrosive titanium, you can wear them all day due to their light nature. The aviator style frames ensure great eye coverage without overwhelming your peripheral view.

Color is infused on the polarized lenses to allow crispier color contrast for great viewing even on cloudy days. These Baby Beach 245 Sunglasses have a gradient style lens width of 56mm and a height of 40mm. Between them is a 18mm double bridge with silicon coated pads for a relaxing fit.

The arm is 120mm long and carefully attached to the lenses with an anti corrosive spring hinge. The sunglasses are come in a variety of colors to suit different tastes and preferences. Color options include: silver/Hawaii blue, silver/grey, gold rose gold/Maui sunrise or black.

Not only will you look dazzling with these highly durable glossily finished Maui Jim sunglasses for women, but you will keep off ultra violet rays by 100%. They come in durable, neat, easy-to-carry Maui Jim branded case with a cleaning cloth.

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4. Maui Jim Kuiaha Bay 286 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Kuiaha Bay 286 Sunglasses

Not only are the glasses exceptionally fine, they are of outstanding quality. Injected high grade nylon is used to make the modified rectangular shaped frame of the Kuiaha Bay sunglasses. This ensures that they not only look pretty and light weight, but they are also tough as nails. They have a contemporary sports wrap style covering even the corners of the eyes.

Kuiaha sunglasses are specially suited for the great outdoors. These full rimmed frame sunglasses come equipped with PolarizedPlus® lenses that are lighter, more durable and a patent of the Maui Jim company. The lenses measure 55mm in width and are 36mm in height.

The Kuiaha Bay sunglasses have a 19mm saddle style bridge that is fixed. It is embedded with nonslip nose pads to ensure they stay in place whilst still maintaining a great level of comfort.

The arm length is 128mm with wire core temples. They are held in place by an anti corrosive spring hinge that’s quite flexible. The Maui Jim Kuiaha Bay Sunglasses come with a choice of three vibrant colors including dark sandstone, root beer blue and midnight black. All these are neatly finished with a layer of gloss.

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3. Maui Jim Moon Bow 726 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Moon Bow 726 Sunglasses

The Moon Bow 726 Sunglasses by Maui Jim are as a result of merging the classic wingtip style with a hint of modernization. The simple yet timeless full rimmed frame is rectangular in shape. It’s made of rugged acetate that is highly durable and also helps them retain feather-weight lightness.

These sunglasses have an arm length of 140mm that is attached to the lenses with a spring hinge. The wire core arms are complemented with a pair of lenses 57mm wide and 47mm high. Some of the moon bow sunglasses have polarized lenses. This helps in filtering the glare causing light wavelengths allowing for greater depth perception. A fixed saddle style 19mm bridge with nose pads that are ergonomically enhanced help achieve firmness and offer extra support.

The Maui Jim Moon Bow 726 Sunglasses has a base curve radius of 6 and comes in a variety of five fascinating colors to suit the designer in you. There is Marsala with Tokyo tortoise, pink with pink Tokyo, tortoise with navy blue, tortoise with red and white Tokyo all of which have a gloss finish. They come with a hardy case branded with the company’s iconic logo a cleaning cloth.

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2. Maui Jim Swept Away 733 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Swept Away 733 Sunglasses

These sunglasses not only look glamorous when hugging your face but provide unparalleled sun protection even for people with sensitive eyes. The Maui Jim Swept Away 733 Sunglasses will literally sweep you off your feet. They impress with their bold, oversized round butterfly edges.

These Maui Jim sunglasses have full frames made of acetate. This guarantees a flexible and light feel on the face. These sunglasses have lenses made of super thin glass with a shade of neutral grey resulting in unrivaled color contrast with great visual acuity. They measure 56mm wide and 47mm high with an 18mm saddle style bridge dividing them. The arms are an impressive 140mm, wire core coated with acetate.

The Maui Jim Swept Away 733 Sunglasses are gradient sloped and use the ever-reliable pin hinge system. Each frame has two different colors; one for the otter part and one for the inner part.

You have the pleasure of choosing from a choice of four colors which include grayish blue with a teal interior, blue with raspberry interior, ruby with mauve interior and tortoise with caramel interior. They come in a protective casing with an easy-clean cloth.

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1. Maui Jim Women’s Ocean 723 Sunglasses

Best Maui Jim Sunglasses for Women - Maui Jim Women’s Ocean 723 Sunglasses

The Maui Jim Women’s Ocean 723 Sunglasses are inspired by the love of the sea. They are meticulously designed for women with a modern feel who are guided by class. The sunglasses have frames that are full rimmed with a butterfly shape. They are made of hypoallergenic nylon that is both light and strong.

They are ideal for small and medium faced ladies and can be easily worn for long periods of time. The Maui Jim Women’s Ocean Sunglasses have 57mm high by 48 mm wide. They are made of super thin glass and contain three rare elements. This feature reduces the suns glare and stokes colors crisply.

Separating them at the middle is a 16mm fixed saddle style bridge. The inside is padded with rubber nose pads to ensure comfort and stability. The women’s ocean 723 sunglasses have a flexible core wire arms that are 135mm. A modern day spring hinge system is used to hold them together.

These gradient polarized pieces of work come in a wide range of colors. They include: grey tortoise strip, tortoise with peacock and tortoise with raspberry all in a smooth glossy finish.

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A Final Word

These are the best Maui Jim sunglasses available right now for women in the market. The brand offers a wide variety of sunglasses to cater for your unique needs. With their ground breaking innovative ideas and quality customer care services, Maui Jim has proven not only to be a fashionable brand, but also a reliable eye care companion.

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