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Top 10 Best Coach Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Whether you are relaxing by the poolside, driving around town or shopping, Coach Sunglasses are stylish and perfect for outdoor activity. They are known for their light weight and high performance. Any pair of Coach Sunglasses will give you a dramatic chic look. From their many shapes, styles and designs, we bring you the best Coach sunglasses.

10. Coach Women’s Natasha Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women's Natasha SunglassesFirst on our list are the Coach Women’s Natasha sunglasses. Coach has many sunglasses models for ladies but Natasha is definitely a standout. With the frames made of durable plastic composite material and gradient tinting, the Natasha sunglasses are simple yet elegant.

Natasha women’s sunglasses are not specialty sunglasses, yet their simplicity is what makes them so unique and loved. Anyone can put on a pair of Natasha Sunglasses and find something to like about them. If not their light weight, you will love how they filter out bright lights from the environment or their cat-eye design.

If you are not buying for yourself, these classy sunglasses with a beautiful color balance and are a great present or gift for a lady you care about.

Coach has given Natasha sunglasses lenses that are 60 millimeters wide and a 16 millimeter bridge. The arms are 130 millimeters long. Both the frame and lenses employ plastic material for better durability and impact resistance. These are sunglasses that will last for a very long time with proper care. On purchase, you get a hard case and a nice cleaning cloth too.

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9. Coach Women’s HC7047 Christina Sunglasse

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women's HC7047 Christina Sunglasses

The Coach’s Christina sunglasses are exactly what every modern woman wants. These sunglasses are an updated version of one of Coach’s best selling aviator style sunglasses. They feature a classic yet modern look that reintroduces the C-signature print on the inner side of the temples. Their exclusive design additionally features polarized lenses.

These lovely Coach sunglasses for women have a metal frame holding the crystal clear polarized polycarbonate lenses that block out glare from reaching your eyes. The lenses are each 59 millimeters wide, linked by a 13 millimeter bridge and held on your face by 135 millimeter long arms. These sunglasses are very light and comfortable. They have wide nose pads to distribute their little weight on your nose bridge and eliminate pressure points.

Upon purchase, the Coach Christina sunglasses come in a protective hard case and have their cleaning cloth included in the package. These sunglasses are built to flatter your face while not being overpowering. They do a good job of blocking out the sun while remaining classy.

Ladies love choices, and Coach have kept that in mind. You have two frame colors to choose from, and three lenses colors.

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8. Coach Women’s Hope Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women’s Hope Sunglasses

Coach’s Hope sunglasses are another excellent sunglasses model for women. They are made of plastic frames and plastic lenses for durability purposes. The lenses are prescription ready but are not polarized. However they are tinted to cut out glare. The lenses are 100% UV protective.

The lenses on these head-turning Coach women’s sunglasses are 53 millimeters wide. The bridge measures 15 millimeters and the arms are 140 millimeters long. The sunglasses are therefore a good fit for average and wide faces. They have good reach behind the ears, so they will not be falling off your face.

These are sunglasses that you will love. The integrated nose pads give the sunglasses good grip on your nose while spreading out weight to increase your comfort. The sunglasses weigh only 40 grams. Upon purchase, Coach includes a protective case and cleaning cloth in the package. The sunglasses are available in a tortoise colored frame and the lenses tinted light brown.

The hot point of these Coach sunglasses for women is that their lenses are not overly darkened, yet they cut out glare. Additionally, they are a nicely fitting pair of top quality sunglasses.

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7. Coach Women’s Full Rim Pilot Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women’s Full Rim Pilot Sunglasses


The Women’s full rim pilot sunglasses are Coach’s version of the aviator sunglasses. These have however been given a touch of femininity to make them excellent sunglasses for women. They are available in three frame and lenses color choices. We especially loved the polarized grey color option.

The frame of these full rim pilot sunglasses has a minimalist look to it while retaining a solid build that is characteristic of Coach. The arms of these aviator-style sunglasses have beautiful outlines that work well with a wide variety of skin tones.

More uniqueness in construct is in the stylish nose pads and the double-bar bridge. The 56 millimeter wide lenses on all options of these sunglasses are gradient tinted. The lenses are made of shatter-proof glass for extra clarity while eliminating distortion. The frames on these Coach full rim sunglasses are made of composite material that is very lightweight.

When purchasing a pair of these beautiful sunglasses, look out for the signature Coach grommet at the ends of the temple tips. The purchase package comes with a protective hard case for your sunglasses, useful for the few times when you are not wearing them.

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6. Coach Women’s 0HC8203 Acetate Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women’s Acetate Sunglasses

The Coach Women’s Acetate sunglasses combine functionality and style in one trendy package. These are sunglasses that are built for the modern outspoken woman who is assertive from time to time. They are not for blending in, rather they are clearly made to help you stand out as a leader of the pack. They are available in four frame color options and four lens tint options.

The lenses on these Coach sunglasses for women are a wide 54 millimeters and cover your full field of vision. These lenses are additionally shaped in a way to accentuate the sunglasses which makes them all the harder to miss.

Coach has gone for non-adjustable nose pads that are built into the frames around the rims of the lenses. The arms have an impressive design on them. They appear to taper out as they approach the earpieces, and then bulge out to hook firmly behind your ears.

These fantastic coach sunglasses for women are a must have. A pair in your handbag will come in hand in your daily activities.

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5. Coach Women’s HC8105 Amber Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women's HC8105 Amber Sunglasses

Coach sunglasses for women have an interesting and very alluring diversity in style and design. The HC8105 Amber sunglasses have plenty in character to make up for their being available in only one color option. They are tortoise colored on the frames, and the lenses are brown. They are gradient-tinted.

The acetate frame on these sunglasses holds in place polarized polycarbonate lenses. Coach’s Amber sunglasses work their way into the hearts of any lady. They are not only beautiful in their presentation, but also built to suit a range of skin tones. On darker tones, they blend in. On lighter tones, they stand out.

Beauty and a little flamboyance are added to these sunglasses by the detailing on the temples. A thin metallic colored line starts from the rims and goes a short distance around the temples. On it is emblazoned the signature Coach Legacy Plaque.

This popular style Coach sunglasses for women captures the spirit of modernity and a little of classic design in it. Elegance is yours for the taking when you put on a pair of these lovely Coach’s Amber sunglasses for women.

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4. Coach Women’s HC8169 L149 Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women’s HC8169 L149 Sunglasses

The L149 are a premium model from Coach Sunglasses for women. They are available in five frame color options and six lens tint options. The lenses are non-polarized gradient-tinted, made of durable plastic. The frame too is made of lightweight plastic.

The lenses are 57 millimeters wide, linked by a bridge that measures 16 millimeters. They are suitable for wide faces. The arms are 135 millimeters in length.

The color scheme of these Coach sunglasses for women is distinct. In all frame color options, there is a fade-out effect on the arms that transition to a different color on the earpieces. It highlights the tapering design of the arms very well.

The lenses on these sunglasses are shaped to mimic cats-eyes while retaining their rectangular shape. These are sunglasses that you can wear with any outfit of your choice. They are very beautiful sunglasses and great for rounder faces.

A little glitter on the arms adds to the glamour and glitz afforded to you by these Coach sunglasses for women. The L149 sunglasses are super cute good quality trendy sunglasses that you will love. They are a great gift item for ladies.

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3. Coach HC7012 Caroline Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach HC7012 Caroline Sunglasses

From the wide array of Coach’s women sunglasses, the Caroline sunglasses are another great model for ladies. These USA manufactured sunglasses are made of metal frames and plastic material lenses. The frames follow a pilot-aviator style and incorporate plastic lenses. The iconic Coach logo that is engraved on the lenses and temples of these sunglasses tell the story of your love for good quality.

These sunglasses come with a Coach case for their protection when you are not wearing them. The lenses on Caroline sunglasses are 56 millimeters wide and scratch resistant. The arms measure 130 millimeters and the bridge is 14 millimeters wide. The nose pads are adjustable to a configuration that is the best fit for you.

Going by the materials used on these Coach sunglasses for women, they are durable, lightweight and can take some harsh treatment in their stride.

Style and a touch of personality have not been left out in Caroline sunglasses. They speak sophistication from their appearance and confer you with a look of strength. You come out as a lady who knows what she wants and is not afraid of getting it when you are sporting Coach’s Caroline sunglasses.

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2. Coach Women’s HC8120 Carter Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women’s HC8120 Carter Sunglasses

The HC8120 Coach sunglasses nicknamed Carter are a pair of sunglasses for the simple woman who wants to project self assuredness. They are subtle in their appearance yet stylish and very fashionable. This lovable model of sunglasses features a modified oval design that is highly sought after. It has enamel colors and gives you two choices in frame and lens tint colors.

The 57 millimeter wide lenses are gradient tinted on both color options. They are non-polarized. These sunglasses are an excellent accessory that matches well with the colors you are wearing and your skin color.

Coach is focused on ensuring you have these sunglasses for a long time. On purchase of Carter sunglasses, you get a protective hard case, papers of authenticity and a cleaning cloth. If you are trying out your first pair of sunglasses, these are an excellent choice.

Women who wear prescription eyeglasses will not have a problem with Carter sunglasses. They are easily turned into prescription sunglasses by your optometrist. This excellent pair of Coach Sunglasses for women gives you good cover for your eyes and crystal clear vision. They are going to make you one happy woman.

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1. Coach Women’s HC8116 Blair Sunglasses

Best Coach Sunglasses - Coach Women's HC8116 Blair Sunglasses

These Coach sunglasses for women are about being fashionable. They feature a signature Coach grommet at the end of the frames’ temple tips. The sunglasses are of a classic American design that has unmatched uniqueness and functionality.

The Coach Blair sunglasses are a great fit for small faces. They have lenses that are 56 millimeters wide with a bridge of 15 millimeters length. The arms are a short 135 millimeters. The lenses are made of glass and polarized to eliminate glare from reaching your eyes. The soft gradient tinting adds a little color to your view of the world.

Coach has made the Blair brand of their top sunglasses for women using a composite frame. They have colored it dark tortoise with an option of Black if you like. The tint on the lenses is not too dark. You can drive while wearing these sunglasses and have an awesome experience. In everyday use, looking at your phone screen is not a problem when you are wearing Coach’s Blair sunglasses.

These sunglasses are the real deal from Coach’s collection of sunglasses for women. They are light and very high quality.

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A Final Word

When you are looking for sunglasses that match your personality or outfit, you can’t go wrong with Coach. The best Coach sunglasses that we have presented to you are sure to suit your unique needs. We have handpicked them to give you an unforgettable and glamorous look.

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