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Top 10 Best Coach Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Whether you are relaxing by the poolside, driving around town or shopping, Coach Sunglasses are stylish and perfect for outdoor activity. They are known for their light weight and high performance. Any pair of Coach Sunglasses will give you a dramatic chic look. From their many shapes, styles and designs, …

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Top 10 Best Versace Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Best Versace Sunglasses

Versace sunglasses make a collection of distinctively designed eyewear. Versace sunglasses express confidence, strength and uniqueness by having a distinctive and bold personal style. From this house of strong character that is known for its wide offering of stylish performance and inspiration, we bring you the best Versace sunglasses. Let’s …

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Top 10 Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men: 2018 Buying Guide

Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

The Ray-Ban Company has been experimenting with impact resistant lenses since 1938. In today’s eye comfort and clarity industry, they are best known for two models – the Aviator and the Wayfarer. However, every once in a while surprises happen. Let us look at the best Ray-Ban sunglasses for men. …

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Best Oakley Sunglasses for Men: Reviews & Buying Guide 2018

Best Oakley Sunglasses for Men

Oakley is an outstanding manufacturer of sunglasses all over the world. They are known for their unique combinations of science and art. From the Oakley stables, you are sure to get top-notch performance and stylish designs. We combed through their vast offerings and we hand picked the best Oakley sunglasses …

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Top 10 Best Oakley Sunglasses for Women: 2018 Buying Guide

Best Oakley Sunglasses for Women

Oakley is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to their products. From the Oakley collection of sunglasses, we looked at the best models for women. We present to you the best Oakley sunglasses for women that combine art and technology. These sunglasses are sure to give you inspiring vision …

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Top 10 Best Tom Ford Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Best Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses are about stylistic expression. The eponymous brand is known for its conspicuous T–bar on the temples of their eyewear pieces. With Tom Ford sunglasses, you get an impeccable masculine style or a ravishing feminine glamour for ladies. From the wide range on offer, we bring you the …

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Top 10 Best Prada Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Best Prada Sunglasses

Prada applies a meticulous and very well researched process in the design of their sunglasses. This ensures that Prada sunglasses the wearer’s needs and bring out the best in modern style and fashion. Let us look at the best Prada sunglasses for the year – timeless fashion accessories from the fashion …

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Top 10 Best Nike Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Multinational Nike Inc. is known for its sports apparel and equipment. The acclaimed company boasts an impressive line of sunglasses. We found that even when you are going casual, Nike has something for you. All the assurance you need is in Nike’s iconic swoosh. Below, we bring you the best …

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Top 10 Best Polarized Sunglasses: 2018 Buying Guide

Best Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are eye-wear specialized to increase eye comfort. They are designed to reduce glare that distorts the true colors of objects. With glare, objects are not easily distinguishable from each other. In this article we present to you the best polarized sunglasses we found by comfort, style, pricing and functionality. …

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